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Henri & Henriette

Two cosy 17th century apartments with a magnificent view 

in the heart of the old historic city of Vannes.



We are a French-German couple with deep family roots in this old French town of Vannes. After many years in Paris, we decided to move back and make this city our home again. We fell in love with these apartments with a majestic view within the old walls of the historic city. We bought them and painstakingly worked in renovating this place to revive its historical value while introducing modern creature comforts. We want to give all our guests an experience of not just visiting another pretty city in France but also travel through time in history. We have named our apartments Henri and Henriette, after HenriIV, king of France and his daughter Henriette, queen of England, who had found refuge on this street where the apartment stands today. Both were contemporaries of the time when this house was built in 1602. We hope that you will have a memorable stay.
Since 2020 Faustine Conciergerie has taken over the management of our apartments and will care for your needs.

Emmanuel and Danièle de Lutzel

Our apartments
 locations à Vannes


A studio

and a 2 room apartment,

each accommodating 2-4 guests,

linked by a private entry.

To book separately or together 


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